Pool Renovations, Refurbishing & Modernization

When the need arises for you to recreate your pool area so as to keep up with ever changing trends, it is important that you place the task in the hands of design, construction and technology experts as it is much more than a simple service or repair. This is why we at Swim Holdings have a team of pool renovation professionals who are more than capable of entirely modernizing your pool area to give it a fully stylized transformation. Regardless of the scope of your remodeling project, we guarantee to deliver remarkable results of great value and quality. Creative design coupled with the latest, state of the art pool equipment and furniture will not only provide a more modernized and captivating pools cape, but it will also help you save time and money (in the long run), and enhance the comfort and safety of your aquatic oasis.

Remodeling ideas:

  • Complementing your swimming pool with a spa. Not only will it add a touch of luxury to your pools cape but it will also be beneficial in maintaining a healthy life style.

  • Adding a dazzling color-changing lighting system.

  • Adding easy to use digital controls that will allow automation of your pool system.

  • Resurfacing the interior with a lasting color quarts finish.

A full array of pool renovations and modernizations include:

  • Design modifications to shape, depth, and style

  • Custom tiles, stones, bricks, and masonry

  • Slides, diving boards, and exercise swim jets

  • Expert deck repairs & replacements

  • Granite spas, waterfalls, fountains, and lighting systems

  • Resurfacing with resilient color quartz finish